Posted by: Michi | September 15, 2011

Quick Update

Tonight I got two costume pages up from 2007, my first Haruka costume and Shingo! Woohoo, making progress~ I was going to get the rest of 2007 up too, but I have to get back to sewing for my costume for the photoshoot this weekend. Oops! Please enjoy what’s up anyway! These pages include some never published photos that you won’t see on my ACP or accounts. 😀

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, with Japanese classes starting on Saturday and the photoshoot that Angel Hearts has scheduled on Sunday. I’ll have more updates next week for sure! I’ll get through that costume backlog eventually. I’m also thinking of making a page that links to all the cosplay skits and performances I’ve done, though I wonder if it’d be better to link those to each costume page instead. I’ll figure something out!

Posted by: Michi | September 7, 2011

Big Costume Update! & Sac-Anime Recap

I made it to Sac-Anime just to help judge the masquerade, and I had a blast despite how short of a time I spent there. Congratulations again to the winners, and a big hand to all of the contestants for a job well done! I loved getting to meet new cosplayers and see some amazing costumes. I wore my High Priest, but unfortunately not really long enough to get any proper photos. It was really just for the show!

Now, I have some actual website updates! Tonight I made costume pages for all four of my 2009 costumes: Live for Venus version Haruka from THE IDOLM@STER, Hitomi Yoshizawa from Morning Musume, my updated Asuka sundress from Evangelion, and my Ragnarok Online High Priest. It feels a lot better having the costume list on my site slowly fill out. I know it’s taking a while to get some content here, so thank you for being patient! I even uploaded some photos that I’ve never posted anywhere else before. ♥

I have a new costume planned for an Angel Hearts photoshoot next week. It’s the same costume I didn’t manage to premiere at either J-Pop Summit or Sac-Anime, haha. Poor costume. This time I have more motivation, as we’ll have a whole crew of colorful costumes to wear together. Rainbow maids!!

After that, it’s full focus on costumes for Yaoi-Con! I haven’t been to Yaoi-Con since 2006, and haven’t actually cosplayed there since 2001. I’m looking forward to spending some real time at the con, and premiering a costume or two… or three. Okay, that’s a bit over-ambitious, but I can dream!

Posted by: Michi | September 2, 2011


So… J-Pop Summit didn’t work out for me! My available attendance window was just too small to make the trip worth it, as I had so much else going on that day.

I will, however, definitely be at Sac-Anime tomorrow! I’m helping judge the masquerade, so that should be exciting. It also means I’ll be pretty busy! I may or may not have a new costume depending on how tonight’s cos-work session goes. 😉 I’ll come back with photos either way, though! Those already at the con or arriving tomorrow too, I hope to see you there~

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some sewing to do…

Posted by: Michi | August 25, 2011

Updates to the site & more

Woo! I added new photos to all of my new costumes from this year, and finally put up pages for two more costumes. I’m all caught up on 2011 & 2010 now, so next I’ll be putting up costume pages from 2009 and earlier. I also refreshed my “About” page with some stats and more info!

I’ll be attending J-Pop Summit this weekend in San Francisco, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be in costume. Plans just didn’t work out. I’ll still take photos, and please don’t be afraid to come say hi if you see me! 🙂

Sac-Anime is currently up in the air, but my next definite event that I’ll be cosplaying at is Yaoi-Con at the end of October. I’ve got big plans, and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Posted by: Michi | August 4, 2011

Planning again

This has become such a busy year for me. If everything works out, I’ll have attended 12 different events and conventions just this year. That is a record by a landslide! I’ll also have something like 9 new costumes, which is also a record.

I’m currently planning to make a new costume for the J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco later this month. I haven’t attended the last two and it’s in its third year already! It seems like a maid costume would fit right in with all the Lolitas and so forth, so I’ll be doing a maid outfit from IDOLM@STER that’s on my list. I’m dragging some of the other Angel Hearts girls along so we’ll have a small squad of colorful maids. :D! This isn’t my usual thing, but for some reason I’m just pumped to dress up at events this year! Maybe it’ll wear off soon…

Anyway, I added some pics to Bianca, Floral Haruka, and Street Hopper Haruka too. 🙂 I swear I’ll get to that old costume backlog someday!

Posted by: Michi | July 25, 2011

Back from AnimeiCon!

What a nice weekend in Monterey! I even got to relax at the aquarium before going home post-con. 🙂 I don’t have any photos from AnimeiCon as I was too busy with guest duties, from performing with Angel Hearts to costume judging, but I do have a new costume up! It’s another Haruka costume from THE IDOLM@STER, this time in the outfit called Street Hopper. Only one pic is up right now but I did manage to get a page up for it in the Costumes section.

I’ll have new pics for Pop Sound Blossom Haruka, Floral Haruka, and Bianca soon, and will keep working on adding pages for my older costumes. I don’t have any con plans until September unless I change my mind during August, haha, so I should have plenty of time!

I’ve been updating my Facebook page on a pretty regular basis, so be sure to add it!

Posted by: Michi | July 7, 2011

Costume Updates

A page for Bianca is up, and a new picture for my Pop Sound Blossom Haruka was added. More pics to come!

Thinking of adding a video link page to try and keep all of my skits and performances all in one place. We’ll see.

Also, please don’t be afraid to leave comments on these posts or even my costume pages. I left the option open because I don’t intend to open any sort of guestbook for this site and it’s the best way I’ll hear from you, outside of my Facebook perhaps. 🙂

Posted by: Michi | July 6, 2011

Back from AX

The events page has been updated with a link to my AX 2011 photos, and an updated con schedule as I figure out the rest of my year.

I wore three costumes at Anime Expo last weekend, two old and one new. I wore my Floral and Pop Sound Blossom version Haruka costumes from THE IDOLM@STER, and debuted Bianca from Dragon Quest V. Bianca was my masquerade costume, so I really don’t have any pics aside from on stage and post-performance, but I’ll put up a page for her soon anyway! 🙂

I had a great time at the con, though I wasn’t out and about in costume as much as I’d’ve liked. I also had to postpone one costume in the interest of some healthy sleep and general recovery. I got a pretty bad sunburn on the first day, and then my cell phone went kaput…! But the rest of the con more than made up for that. Thanks to everyone that made my weekend special!

Next con is AnimeiCon in Monterey in a little over 2 weeks! Most people will probably be at San Diego Comic-Con, but if you’re not and live in California, maybe you should check out iCon. Hee! I’m actually attending as a guest with my group Angel Hearts, and we’ll be doing two shows split between Saturday and Sunday. More updates to come as the con gets closer.

Posted by: Michi | June 30, 2011

Anime Expo Ahoy!

Off to AX! Well, in a couple of hours, but I’ll be busy packing from here on out! 🙂

I’ll be in the masquerade on Sunday with my Dragon Quest V group, so please come see our skit! I’m very excited to perform it. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve had so much creative input into a skit, and that makes it that much more fun than just being an extra body for somebody’s idea! I think it’ll be a lot of fun and entertaining even to non-DQ fans. 😀 I’ll be Bianca in that group.

I’m also hoping to debut the heroine from Dragon Quest IV on Saturday, but there’s been some bumps in the road to construction so we’ll see what happens. Otherwise, I’m bringing some IDOLM@STER costumes and will be making an appearance as the rock-tree pokemon Sudowoodo on Friday afternoon.

See everyone there! Don’t be afraid to say hi. 😉

Posted by: Michi | June 29, 2011

Costume Pages and More

I’ve finally started making costume pages for the site, which really should’ve been my first priority! I’m starting newest to oldest. We’ll see how much I actually get done before I leave for AX.

The events page also has a lot of photo galleries linked to it now that I’ve added them to my ACS account over at ACParadise. While I’ll be making personal costume galleries on this site, my con photos will stay on ACS. I’m not much of a photographer, anyway!

I leave for Anime Expo tomorrow evening. Since I just put the site up I don’t expect to have a lot of traffic here just yet, but I’ll make another update before I go just because. 😀

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