Hibari Isora / 伊空ヒバリ / Mawaru Penguindrum / 輪るピングドラム

Hibari Isora from Mawaru Penguindrum (anime)


Double H at PMX 2012

Double H at PMX 2012


Inspiration: I don’t even remember how this came about, but I’m pretty sure it was Diana’s idea. She is the Hikari to my Hibari, we are Double H! I was so happy to finally get to cosplay with her. Mawaru Penguindrum is quite the anime series, and it’s fun to represent it this way! If you aren’t familiar with the series, I am the one in pink. <3

Costume Notes: Binkx made these for us to match. I helped with some cutting, and choosing fabrics, but she is the true credit for these! The wigs are long Holly wigs from Cosworx.


– Created May 2012

– Worn at FanimeCon 2012, Pacific Media Expo 2012, FanimeCon 2013




Photo Credits: Jason@i360, Cosplay in America, Sojian

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