Haruka Amami / 天海春香 / THE IDOLM@STER 2 (Luxury)

Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER 2 (game)

Variation: Luxury in Pink Diamond 765

With Angel Hearts at FanimeCon 2011

Inspiration: Another day, another IDOLM@STER costume. Really though, this was the first one from the new game that I really wanted to do! I will never tire of being Haruka. She’s my girl! ♥ This costume was made for my cosplay group Angel Hearts, for our shows at FanimeCon 2011.

This costume is one of the three standard outfits in the game THE IDOLM@STER 2 for Xbox 360, known as Luxury, Floral, and Starry. The costume I made here specifically is in the color scheme known as Pink Diamond 765, which is the default. It comes in many colors, but who knows if I’ll ever get around to making another color scheme or not!

Costume Notes: The costume was rushed and not at 100% for its FanimeCon debut. I’m lucky in that my costume has the least confetti dot out of any of our girls, haha. But it was all the little details that I underestimated, and made me unable to finish on time! By the next time I wear it, I hope to have it a lot more complete. My favorite part of this outfit is the pleated skirt that I am quite proud of. The saddest thing is probably that I started work on it in September 2010 with the intent to wear it at two different events that month, but it got pushed back!


– Created May 2011

– Worn at FanimeCon 2011


Photo Credits: Lionel Lum, LJinto, Chibimofo

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