Haruka Amami / 天海春香 / THE IDOLM@STER (Holy Night Dress)

Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER (game)

Variation: Holy Night Dress

Angel Hearts at Anime Los Angeles 2012

Inspiration: Ah, finally getting to some old original IM@S costumes! I liked this holiday design every since I saw it, and we finally got the whole group together to make them. I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas/Santa costume since I first started cosplaying, so it’s about time!


Costume Notes: Maaaan my December 2011 was ridiculously busy. I had no time to fit in this costume, and somehow made it in the days right before the con. The dress was cut too short, but it gives me that nice long legged anime look, right? Haha maybe. I’m still missing some accessories, like my silly cossack hat, so I’m looking forward to a photoshoot someday. Now that January’s over, there aren’t too many excuses to wear a Santa themed costume at a con anymore. Hehe.

The red is velveteen that leaves little bits of itself all over my apartment, suitcases, clothes, and hair. It’s great. Not really. It looks lovely, though! The fur was provided by SparklePipsi, which we all made use of. My yellow bow and my mittens are just felt, but I somehow lost both of these items between ALA and Sac-Anime this year, so they’ll be remade with nicer materials at a later date!

I owe a lot to Binkx for patterning out my shawl-bolero thing last minute for me. Love you!


– Created January 2012

– Worn at Anime Los Angeles 2012, Sac-Anime Winter 2012



Photo Credits: Lionel Lum

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