Nozomi Tsuji / 辻希美 / Morning Musume / モーニング娘。(Pocky Girls)

Nozomi Tsuji from Morning Musume

Variation: Pocky Girls

Pocky Girls at AX 2007

Inspiration: Pocky Girls was something in planning for a while before a group was formed for FanimeCon 2006. It was so much fun! Morning Musume did a promotion with Pocky, featuring a commercial with these outfits. It was too good to pass up! Nozomi Tsuji was “Milk Pocky” which has a blue box, hence the outfit.

Costume Notes: Kie and Lily provided the costumes, but the whole masquerade group helped do things like the ruffles. I bought the visor from Jo-Ann Fabrics. That was about it!


– Created May 2006

– Worn at FanimeCon 2006, Anime Expo 2007


Photo Credits: Eurobeat King

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