Misuzu Kamio / 神尾観鈴 / AIR

Misuzu Kamio from AIR (anime/video game)

Variation: school uniform

With Van as Yukito at Ani-Magic '06

Inspiration: When I first saw AIR in 2005, I was hooked. I really adored Misuzu, and saw a little of myself in her. After getting my friend into it, I had a Yukito to start plotting cosplay with for the following year!

Costume Notes: Oh this costume. I was still really new at sewing, honestly. I used some patterns and then altered some stuff. The collar was the best I could do at the time. I was really proud of the sleeves and the back straps though, not that any photos show the latter. I was also really happy with the “butter yellow” casa crepe I used for the shirt, as I was really determined to get the right soft yellow for this costume. The wig is a New Look Ashley XXL in LG26 – Golden Blonde. I’m not even sure if the color is available anymore which is a shame, as I thought it was perfect!

A remake of Misuzu from scratch is in the works. Putting up old costumes from 5+ years ago is really getting me inspired about future cosplay. Nice bonus!


– Created July 2006

– Worn at Anime Expo 2006, Ani-Magic 2006


 Photo Credits: Eurobeat KingAsian School Boy

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