Kasumi / かすみ / Dead or Alive 2

Kasumi from Dead or Alive 2

Variation: C1

Kasumi vs Ayane at Ani-Magic '06

Inspiration: At this point I had already made the alternate C2/white Kasumi, and thought it was about time that I make her classic blue. I had originally intended this to be DOA3 Kasumi, but since I never did the crane painting it’s just DOA2!


Costume Notes: Somehow I accidentally picked up a shiny fabric to make this with when that was never my intention! I got casa satin instead of casa crepe, and it was too close to the con to go back and switch once I had started working on it. Oops. I put a sturdy interfacing in the arm and leg guards, which gave them a nice stiff look as if they could actually be guards! I managed to injure my fingers quite a bit putting together two layers of fabric and interfacing to make them, however. The gold cording was recycled from my first Kasumi costume. The sword was just a dollar store plastic sword that I painted and added the tassels and design to. The part I’m most proud of is the back kanji, as I painted it all myself. The first time I cosplayed Kasumi, I seriously fudged the kanji on top of her back design, but this time I got them 100% accurate. Woohoo!

The first time I wore this costume I dyed my real hair, but after that I had cut it off so I used a wig. The wig was really awful though, so next time I wear Kasumi I’ll need yet another one. Oh well!


– Created June 2006

– Worn at Anime Expo 2006, Japantown Anime Faire 2006, Ani-Magic 2006


 Photo Credits: Eurobeat KingAsian School Boy

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