Yohko Mano / 真野妖子 / Devil Hunter Yohko / 魔物ハンター妖子

Yohko Mano from Devil Hunter Yohko (anime)

Variation: devil hunter

Posing at ALA 2007

Inspiration: I’ve always liked Yohko’s design since I first got into anime, but I had no reason to cosplay her. When I did this costume, it was for my boyfriend at the time. He wasn’t into many anime series, but he loved Devil Hunter Yohko. This was for him! But I ended up enjoying cosplaying her quite a bit.

Costume Notes: The dress is just a modified Chinese dress/cheongsam pattern. I used casa crepe for the red, and bias tape for all of the details. The yinyang design was painted onto cotton and then attached to the dress with heat-n-bond. The dress is fully lined in white, which I wish would show up in more photos! My original leg & arm guards were made out of cotton, and I replaced them with a stretchy fabric for AX. I like my later ones much better! I was able to reuse the same red shoes I had been using for Asuka and my ’96 Athena at the time. The wig was made with incredible help from Daichan. It’s an April wig from New Look, and three extensions from DrLocks.net. I made the hairclips with just fabric and beads from Claire’s. The devil ring, which is not in many photos because it fell apart, was made from Fimo. My friend David made me the sword at AX, and I’ve since… misplaced it. I am so sad.

Yohko’s wig got frizzled in the heat on the drive down to AX in 2007, which is clear in the later photos. I meant to wear it again, but always wanted to give the wig a proper touch-up. The dress was also not quite as fitted to me as it could be, and I’d like to fix that as well before I wear it again!


– Created January 2007

– Worn at Anime Los Angeles 2007, Anime Expo 2007


 Photo Credits: Eurobeat KingAsian School Boy, AgentSakur9

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