Megara / Hercules

Megara from Hercules (movie)


At FanimeCon 2007


Inspiration: Hercules is my favorite Disney movie, and Meg is my favorite Disney character. That’s really all there is to it! Her inclusion in Kingdom Hearts II gave me an excuse to do this for a convention, and my friend’s plans to cosplay Hercules just sweetened the deal.

Costume Notes: I am really not that happy with this costume. I wore it once, for this photoshoot. I’m only happy with a few of the photos, even. It’s kind of a shame. I’d really like to give Meg a proper outing, but it’d require completely remaking the costume. The above photo is the only one I truly like!


– Created May 2007

– Worn at FanimeCon 2007


 Photo Credits: Asian School Boy

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