Shingo Yabuki / 矢吹真吾 / The King of Fighters ’97

Shingo Yabuki from The King of Fighters ’97 (game)


Ready to fight at FanimeCon 2007


Inspiration: Shingo is my favorite video game character of all time. No kidding. I first got into the series with KOF ’96. I was later at a friend’s house where she was playing KOF ’98. Shingo suddenly pops up with his dorky fanfare challenging you, and I was instantly in love. It helps that he’s voiced by Takehito Koyasu, but Shingo is adorable. I love him so much. I used to have a website dedicated to him, and a comic I used to draw, all over 10 years ago. No kidding!

Anyway that was really long winded. Basically, I did an awful version of Shingo in 2001 and I thought it was about time I remedied that. It ended up becoming one of my favorite costumes ever, and I’m also way overdue for making some Kusanagi gloves… Someday!

Costume Notes: Someone thought I used some scrubs to make this. I didn’t. It is all from scratch, made with blue cotton. It’s just a basic pants pattern with an elastic waist, and an altered uniform pattern for the jacket. Simple! The vest is just black cotton, too. What really makes it, I think, is the wig. It’s a Roni from New Look, which is terrific for any similar boy style. I also had people think that was my real hair, so there you go. Nope!

This is specifically the ’97 version of Shingo because that year he only had wristbands. At the end of the game, Kyo gives Shingo his gloves. Somehow they magically turn blue (haha 2D fighting game sprites) when Shingo wears them, and he’s had them in every game since. I’ll make a nice ’98+ version of Shingo someday. I may just remake the whole thing from scratch just because the cotton is pretty beaten up now, and I’d like to make a nicer vest.


– Created May 2007

– Worn at FanimeCon 2007, Anime Expo 2007, Animation On Display 2007, Tokyo Game Show 2007, FanimeCon 2009


Photo Credits: Asian School Boy, Eurobeat King, Lionel LumDarkain Multimedia, Muze

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