Haruka Amami / 天海春香 / THE IDOLM@STER (Cute & Girly)

Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER (game)

Variation: Cute & Girly in Snow Strawberry

With Angel Hearts at Anime Expo 2007

Inspiration: In late 2006, Kie was scouting out girls for an IDOLM@STER group for 2007. I picked Haruka off an image of all the original girls from the game, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Once I finally got a chance to play the game (which actually ended up being fall 2007 when I studied abroad in Japan!) I absolutely fell in love with Haruka herself. I already adored her design and her look. But after being into the series for this long, she is definitely by far my favorite character. This was the outfit that started it all!

Costume Notes: This costume was an interesting undertaking, as I had only been sewing solo for a couple of years at that point. I was really proud of the skirt and the pleats in it. I had to construct some sort of weird stuffed half skirt for what she’s got on her butt. It was like making an awkward pillow. Sewing the lace to the gloves was one of my favorite parts, as simple as it was. I love my top, but I didn’t really make it to fit my bust, so I end up sorta shaped like a tube. Oh well! The fur was sort of a nightmare, because at the time I had a really weak machine that could barely handle it. Another of my favorite parts is, randomly, the bow on my chest. Lily, our Iori, introduced me to the cool method of covering a button in fabric, which makes the bow really stand out in my mind.

Someday I will remake this, as Haruka is my girl and this is one of her default outfits. I should probably make the fancier SP version at this point, though!

A big group of us wore these at Anime Expo 2007 to perform a 7 person Go My Way!! for the masquerade. It was a ton of fun! After AX, I headed off for a college year abroad just outside of Tokyo. So, I was lucky enough to wear this at the Tokyo Game Show that year, and even ran into a couple of girls wearing matching outfits. It was definitely one of the best cosplay experiences of my life.


– Created June 2007

– Worn at Anime Expo 2007, Tokyo Game Show 2007


Photo Credits: Eurobeat King, Ohmi

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