Hitomi Yoshizawa / 吉澤ひとみ / Morning Musume / モーニング娘。(Osaka Koi no Uta / 大阪 恋の歌)

Hitomi Yoshizawa from Morning Musume

Variation: Osaka Koi no Uta

With my Rika Ishikawa at Sakura-Con 2009


Inspiration: Hitomi Yoshizawa is one of my most adored (former) members of the J-pop girl group Morning Musume. She is definitely at the top of my favorite list, second only to Maki Goto. Cosplaying her was only a matter of time, though this wouldn’t’ve been the first outfit I picked for myself! Kie had planned an Osaka Koi no Uta group, though I made mine a little late and then never got to take photos when a group was actually formed afterward. Sigh!

Osaka Koi no Uta was a single released in 2005, and was the graduation single of Rika Ishikawa. This costume is based off the outfit they wear in that song’s music video.

Costume Notes: This dress was made when I was still learning more complicated sewing. It includes boning, which is both bad and good. Good, because it gives it a better form, but bad, because I made it far too big and it’ll be a lot more difficult to take it in when I finally get around to it. The wig is a Leslie S in H27/33, put under hot water to make it a bit less curly. This costume still needs the wings, but I want to take in the dress to fit me better before I add anything to it! It might be a while…

Fun fact: Rika Ishikawa instantly recognized this outfit when I wore it (with my own costumed Rika) at Sakura-Con, where she was a guest with Hitomi Yoshizawa. She seemed quite happy that we were cosplaying from her graduation single, as I imagine it’s special to her!


– Created April 2009

– Worn at Sakura-Con 2009


Photo Credits: LJinto

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