High Priest / ハイプリースト / Ragnarok Online / ラグナロクオンライン

High Priest (female) from Ragnarok Online (game)


Ragnarok Online at Anime Expo 2009


Inspiration: I gotta come clean here. The only time that I have extensively played Ragnarok Online was a one week trial in 2005. I have a ton of friends that play, and know a lot about the game because of it. But I don’t have my own High Priest. In fact, my little Novice never even got to pick a class as far as I remember! That aside, I’ve always adored the designs. When the game first came out, I wanted to cosplay the Archer.

I did this costume because my friends were doing a Ragnarok Online group for Anime Expo 2009 masquerade and I was cast as a High Priest! I think the costume works for me, and I’ve had a lot of fun wearing it. Though I have to admit, now I feel obligated to play more RO. Haha!

Costume Notes: This costume was a joint project between myself and Kie aka Baby Snow Leopard. I did a lot of the grunt work, but she made it pretty and did the detail work as well. In 2010 I added some much needed frilly panties to complete the look! Almost every time I wear it, I use a new wig or hairstyle. This is because RO characters are player characters, and I don’t have my own High Priest. So I’m just a random High Priest every time!


– Created June 2009

– Worn at Anime Expo 2009, FanimeCon 2010, Sac-Anime Summer 2011


Photo Credits: Lionel LumEurobeat King

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