Bianca / ビアンカ / Dragon Quest V / ドラゴンクエストV 天空の花嫁

Bianca from Dragon Quest V (game)


After AX masquerade with The Slime Squad


Inspiration: I am a huge Dragon Quest fan, and have been for about 10 years now. I got into the series a bit late, starting with VII for the PlayStation, but I quickly went back and learned the history. Today I’m infamous for my slime collection, yet for some reason my love for the series hasn’t quite taken over my cosplay yet. This is only my 2nd Dragon Quest costume, but it’s definitely one of many to come.

My friends and had played around with various Dragon Quest ideas, for groups and the like. The idea of a masquerade skit came up a while back, and at FanimeCon 2011 we finally decided we’d get things moving at Anime Expo. I chose Dragon Quest V, which gave us a hero, me as Bianca, Lily as Flora, and Usagi Auron as a Slime Knight. Bianca is a lot of fun and probably the prospective bride I fit the most.

I am SO HAPPY with how our group came out. I just wish we had time for more pictures! Until we get the group together again, or if Flora and I manage to get photos together, all I’ll have is on stage and post-masq shots for a while.

Costume Notes: The dress, cape, and leg warmers are poplin. I used some upholstery fabric for my belt, corduroy for the boot toppers, and that’s actually shoelace material to tie my legwarmers on. It worked quite well and they never slipped down! The wig is a New Look Linda XXL tied into that braid, with no other styling aside from adjusting the part. I had braided it before the con, but Lily helped re-braid it once it was on my head. All of the “metal” pieces are just a stretchy silver vinyl material. I haven’t decided if I actually want to make more realistic metal pieces in the future or not!

Also, yes, the slime plushies in the cart all belong to me.


– Created June 2011

– Worn at Anime Expo 2011


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