Haruka Amami / 天海春香 / THE IDOLM@STER SP (Pop Sound Blossom)

Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER SP (game)

Variation: Pop Sound Blossom

With Angel Hearts at FanimeCon 2011

Inspiration: While this costume was made for our group, I’ve had my eye on it since it was first shown. The Pop Sound Blossom outfits have a great design, but I think I do like Haruka’s colors the best. Works out, since I’m cast as her in our group!

This costume is from the PSP version of THE IDOLM@STER game series, and only available as downloadable content. It was also the very first DLC outfit released for the games.

Costume Notes: All I seem to do is rush costumes these days. Life has been busy, and at the time of this costume’s creation I was juggling two jobs. So, I have Sparkle Pipsi to thank for helping rush together the jacket before this costume’s debut. She’s also the one that helped design the vector pattern for the heart on the back. Everyone’s jacket & dress is made out of poplin.

All that’s really missing is the gloves on this one, which I hope to have soon!


– Created May 2011

– Worn at SoCal Cosplay Ball 2011, FanimeCon 2011, Anime Expo 2011, AnimeiCon 2011


Photo Credits: Lionel Lum, Ohmi

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