Posted by: Michi | February 27, 2014

Still here!

If you actually visit this page, I’m sorry how sparse it is. I’m so good with my Facebook & Twitter pages, and now websites are seeming kind of like a thing of cosplay past. Of course, there are plenty of other cosplayers that are good at keeping their sites updated!

I’ve been to two cons in 2014, with 3 (really 2 1/2) new costumes already, so I’ve had a productive year so far! Next month is the NorCal Cosplay Gathering where I’ll be bringing out an old costume from 2011 for new photos. Then I’ve got a busy spring, with probably WonderCon in April and back-to-back Anime Central and FanimeCon in May. June is my month off, and then July starts with Anime Expo! I’ve got tentative con plans for the rest of the year, but right now I can’t seriously think past AX for my own sanity. I have a lot of great costume ideas that I really hope to make happen for the rest of the first half of the year. The theme of 2014 is friends and old dreams. My costume plans are either great groups with friends, old costume ideas from YEARS past that I’m finally making happen, or a mix of both. I’m quite excited, and honestly more excited about cosplay right now than I have been in ages.

While I may not have any new costume pages to look at here, I do quietly keep my costume & event list pages updated. I’ll try to work on the site again soon. Thanks for your support!

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