Posted by: Michi | September 11, 2012

Still here!

Does anyone even visit the website when my Facebook and the like are so much more active? :p

I added a link to my Sac-Anime photos on the Events page. In August I attend both that con and J-Pop Summit in San Francisco, pulling my Asuka sundress out of 3 years of retirement. It was a lot of fun! My next event isn’t until next month, the one day Japan Center Anime Fair also in San Francisco. My next real con isn’t until mid-November, PMX in Los Angeles, but I’m very much looking forward to it.

I recently did something I don’t usually do — I bought a costume! Katie¬†was selling her Karin costume from Street Fighter Alpha 3, which has been a dream of mine to cosplay for many years. I’ve been so busy lately that the idea of just having a well made costume just appear on my doorstep sounds pretty darn good right now. I’m excited to give her costume a good home and finally be a character I’ve longed to represent. I might save wearing it for PMX, but we’ll see.

Since my job went crazy after Fanime, I haven’t had any time to actually make anything new. I’m hoping to make 2-3 new outfits before the year ends, however! I have a couple of ideas for the Japantown event, and one definite idea that I’m super stoked to start on. I’ll give more updates once things are more set in stone! <3

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