Posted by: Michi | April 8, 2012


Way sorry for the complete lack of updates for so long! I’ve been updating my Facebook and Twitter pretty regularly, though I feel bad abandoning my site. There are links to both of those on the right sidebar if you’re interested. 🙂

I did attend AOD, but all I did was perform with Angel Hearts and wear my Floral Haruka that I debuted last year. I had a lot of fun, though! I just wish I had more time to practice the dances. 🙁 I am not much of a dancer.

Things are pretty quiet because I had nothing new for AOD, and my next con isn’t for another month and a half. I’m looking at 3-5 new costumes, which look pretty plausible! I’m hoping to come back with lots of updates. <3

My biggest personal news is that I started a new job in the video game industry last month, which has meant that I’ve been really behind on everything else in my life! This also means I may not be able to attend some cons later in the year depending on how work goes. We’ll see!

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