Posted by: Michi | January 28, 2012

It’s 2012!

…and I’m only finally updating now, sorry! I meant to update again before ALA, too. 🙁 I keep my Facebook pretty up to date and post almost daily, so if you want the regular scoop I’d recommend paying attention over there.

I really don’t have much to report on! I do have one new costume, and it has a page up now in the Costumes section as my only outfit of 2012. I’m looking forward to doing some non-IDOLM@STER costumes very soon! I’ve attended two conventions already, Anime Los Angeles and Sac-Anime Winter, and have a link to my very small ALA gallery on the Events page.

Other than that, unfortunately there aren’t any older costume pages up like I intended. I hope to get back to those soon so that this page won’t have a backlog of work haunting me anymore! Haha.

Next up on my con list is AOD next month here in San Francisco, followed by nothing until Fanime in May. However, I have a LOT of crazy, awesome things planned for Fanime! I’ll be in Japan for a few weeks between April and May, and if there are any cosplay events during that time I may try to check them out. I’ll definitely make an update about that if I find out anything!

For AOD, I’m keeping my expectations low. I am going to maybe shoot for one new costume, and will be revamping an old one or two. Angel Hearts will have a panel on Sunday, and we’re still seeing if we’ll be performing at any other time during the weekend.

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