Posted by: Michi | December 13, 2011

Site Updates from 2005 and Con Plans for 2012

I almost let another month fly by!! Sorry about that! Haha. Today isn’t a very big site update, but I did get two costume pages up. If you scroll down to 2005 on my Costumes page, you’ll find new pages for Mai Shiranui (Real Bout version) and Asuka (my first sundress)! Please enjoy~ I added some photos that I’ve never posted anywhere before!

In other news, I’m all set for Anime Los Angeles next month. My group Angel Hearts is going to have a panel on Sunday, with a dance show, so please come check it out! I think it’ll be a really great way to kick off cons in 2012. I’m already anticipating being very busy next year! Maybe I’ll even break this year’s con record! Actually this year was sort of a special case, so maybe not. Haha.

December itself has been a lot busier than I anticipated, so I may not have as many costumes as I hoped. My main focus right now is more IDOLM@STER as usual for our show/panel. Everything else is just “whatever happens!” at this point. I’ll update before leaving for the con with a final costume list, for sure.

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