Posted by: Michi | November 20, 2011

2006 is up!

Oops, I didn’t mean to not update for a whole month! I finished and uploaded three new costume pages to get through 2006: Nozomi Tsuji/Pocky Girls, Misuzu from AIR, and my blue Kasumi from Dead or Alive. Hopefully it won’t take me another month to upload the five costumes from 2005. Hehe.

I’m currently focused on the holiday season, but 2012 conventions are going to start up very soon! I have plans to attend Anime Los Angeles the first weekend in January, so hopefully that’ll work out well. I’m planning to finally debut my long postponed Dragon Quest IV heroine costume, Yuri Sakazaki from The King of Fighters series, a new Juuhachi Gou/Android 18 outfit from Dragon Ball Z, and maybe another IDOLM@STER costume just because. Sac-Anime is the weekend after, so I’ll probably just be bringing whatever I wear at ALA to that con too. I’ll know my plans better next month!

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