Posted by: Michi | October 20, 2011

New Costume Pages… from 2007

Quick update! As promised, I got through some of my backlog! Pages are up for four 2007 costumes: Meg from Hercules, Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII, my original Lenalee Lee design from D.Gray-man, and Devil Hunter Yohko. 😀 Jessica and Yohko in particular are some of my favorite older costumes that I’ve been meaning to wear again, so it was nice to go back to them.

Okay then… only 8 more years of costumes to make pages for… Sigh! I’d start on 2006 now, but I have studying to do! Haha. I’m also going to start getting into embarrassing early cosplay territory pretty soon, so I may be reluctant to work on those pages. Hehe. Thanks for your patience!

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