Posted by: Michi | September 15, 2011

Quick Update

Tonight I got two costume pages up from 2007, my first Haruka costume and Shingo! Woohoo, making progress~ I was going to get the rest of 2007 up too, but I have to get back to sewing for my costume for the photoshoot this weekend. Oops! Please enjoy what’s up anyway! These pages include some never published photos that you won’t see on my ACP or accounts. 😀

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, with Japanese classes starting on Saturday and the photoshoot that Angel Hearts has scheduled on Sunday. I’ll have more updates next week for sure! I’ll get through that costume backlog eventually. I’m also thinking of making a page that links to all the cosplay skits and performances I’ve done, though I wonder if it’d be better to link those to each costume page instead. I’ll figure something out!

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