Posted by: Michi | September 7, 2011

Big Costume Update! & Sac-Anime Recap

I made it to Sac-Anime just to help judge the masquerade, and I had a blast despite how short of a time I spent there. Congratulations again to the winners, and a big hand to all of the contestants for a job well done! I loved getting to meet new cosplayers and see some amazing costumes. I wore my High Priest, but unfortunately not really long enough to get any proper photos. It was really just for the show!

Now, I have some actual website updates! Tonight I made costume pages for all four of my 2009 costumes: Live for Venus version Haruka from THE IDOLM@STER, Hitomi Yoshizawa from Morning Musume, my updated Asuka sundress from Evangelion, and my Ragnarok Online High Priest. It feels a lot better having the costume list on my site slowly fill out. I know it’s taking a while to get some content here, so thank you for being patient! I even uploaded some photos that I’ve never posted anywhere else before. ♥

I have a new costume planned for an Angel Hearts photoshoot next week. It’s the same costume I didn’t manage to premiere at either J-Pop Summit or Sac-Anime, haha. Poor costume. This time I have more motivation, as we’ll have a whole crew of colorful costumes to wear together. Rainbow maids!!

After that, it’s full focus on costumes for Yaoi-Con! I haven’t been to Yaoi-Con since 2006, and haven’t actually cosplayed there since 2001. I’m looking forward to spending some real time at the con, and premiering a costume or two… or three. Okay, that’s a bit over-ambitious, but I can dream!

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