Posted by: Michi | June 8, 2016

Cosplay Archive

Hello~ This site isn’t being updated regularly for news or anything, but instead serves as an archive of my costumes. 🙂 Please check out one of the links to the right to my social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, for current updates and news! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

Posted by: Michi | February 27, 2014

Still here!

If you actually visit this page, I’m sorry how sparse it is. I’m so good with my Facebook & Twitter pages, and now websites are seeming kind of like a thing of cosplay past. Of course, there are plenty of other cosplayers that are good at keeping their sites updated!

I’ve been to two cons in 2014, with 3 (really 2 1/2) new costumes already, so I’ve had a productive year so far! Next month is the NorCal Cosplay Gathering where I’ll be bringing out an old costume from 2011 for new photos. Then I’ve got a busy spring, with probably WonderCon in April and back-to-back Anime Central and FanimeCon in May. June is my month off, and then July starts with Anime Expo! I’ve got tentative con plans for the rest of the year, but right now I can’t seriously think past AX for my own sanity. I have a lot of great costume ideas that I really hope to make happen for the rest of the first half of the year. The theme of 2014 is friends and old dreams. My costume plans are either great groups with friends, old costume ideas from YEARS past that I’m finally making happen, or a mix of both. I’m quite excited, and honestly more excited about cosplay right now than I have been in ages.

While I may not have any new costume pages to look at here, I do quietly keep my costume & event list pages updated. I’ll try to work on the site again soon. Thanks for your support!

Posted by: Michi | November 17, 2013

Looking ahead!

So Anime Destiny didn’t work out because of real life commitments, meaning I am looking ahead to 2014 as far as cosplay goes!

I’m looking forward to Anime Los Angeles, which will likely be my first event of the year, as I have 2 new costumes planned that are already in progress. I’m set to debut them with a great group of girls and I’m quite excited! It’s going to be a good year. 🙂 I have the tentative first half of my 2014 schedule up on the Events page as well.

Posted by: Michi | November 15, 2013

Actual updates!

I added some quick costume pages for school uniform Asuka and Hibari of Double H from Penguindrum on my Costumes page in the 2012 section! Talk about way overdue, but they’re there! More soon. <3 Just wanted to make a quick update.

This Saturday is Anime Destiny in Berkeley, which I wasn’t planning on attending, but it looks like I might be there after all. I might even have a costume this time, haha. Hope to see you there~

Posted by: Michi | November 2, 2013

Wrapping up the year

I can’t stand how neglected my page has looked lately! I’ve been quietly updating the costume list without actually uploading any pages/photos, and editing my event list as the year has gone on. I’m not making anything else new this year, but since my next big con is in early January I’ll be sewing again very soon.

2013 has been a weird year for me in real life, going on 3 long trips abroad, and having a lot of real life things to deal with. It meant I only had 3 new costumes all year! But that’s okay. Next year is already looking like it’ll be a little different. I already have 3 costumes confirmed AND in progress for the first quarter of the year!

My next event is the Star Trek Con in San Francisco, which I’ll be attending as a fan rather than as a costumer. I’m considering attending Anime Destiny in a couple of weeks, as I haven’t been to any smaller local events in a while and I have some unloved costumes that need some new photos. 🙂

Aside from that, most of my planning right now is for Anime Los Angeles in January. I’ve updated my Events page with some tentative 2014 ideas, at least for the first half of the year.

I came here with the intent of working on some actual costume photos, but the drive with all my recent costume pics is currently inaccessible. Super not fun computer problems making me even worse at updating my page! My apologies. As always, my Facebook (linked on the right) is the best way to see the most up to date photos and info, and my Twitter is great if you’re bored and catch me when I’m updating too much. 😉

Posted by: Michi | June 1, 2013

2013 chugging along~

Fanime has come and gone, far more quickly than I would have liked! I wore 5 costumes over the weekend, but brought nothing new. Plans changed a lot in the weeks before the con! My real life got a lot crazier this year, with multiple trips out of the country and some exciting personal plans, so cosplay has definitely been second to all of that. Yet somehow, even with my con schedule not even starting until late May, I’m currently looking at the busiest con schedule I’ve ever had. July and August are jam-packed with events!

I’ve got one new costume that will definitely be happening for AX as I’ve got a huge group to wear it with, and man do I miss big groups! I have one or two other things I’d like to make, but I’m going to try and keep things simple. Fanime taught me that bringing out “older” costumes for more love and photos is never a bad thing, and I definitely have some things I’d love to bring out again at AX this year.

So, Anime Expo is my next definite event. I may or may not be attending the NorCal Gathering later this month! We’ll see how things go.

Posted by: Michi | May 5, 2013

May means Fanime

I am so excited for Fanime right now. Looking at 6, maybe 7 costumes for the weekend, pending 1-2 new costumes. It’s finally convention season for me! My personal life has been so good and busy, with two trips out of the country this year already, but I really miss cosplaying with my friends at cons. Just a few more weeks. I’ll try to post again before then, but I’m keeping Twitter & Facebook pretty active. See you guys there!

Posted by: Michi | March 15, 2013


Okay, so, NorCal Cosplay Spring Gathering didn’t happen! Aha..ha.. I even updated my website for it…

But I have much more exciting news! I’ll be going to Comic-Con for the first time ever this July! That means my summer is much more packed and busy than it was before, but I am absolutely stoked. I’ve been wanting to attend SDCC since around 2001 and it’s never worked out until now. Yay! Hope to see people there.

For now… more finalizing plans for Fanime. 😉

Posted by: Michi | March 8, 2013

2013 Go!

I am way overdue for updating in the new year, but I feel like my site is probably visited less often than social media these days… I guess I could be wrong! I haven’t attended any conventions yet in 2013, and still won’t until May, unfortunately. I’ve had the opportunity to go on some international trips in the first few months of the year, which meant forgoing anime cons. I’ll be at the NorCal Gathering TOMORROW in San Jose, and then after that I’m very much looking forward to debuting a handful of costumes at FanimeCon. After May, my convention schedule ramps up considerably, with a very busy and active summer! I’m looking forward to it. 😀

Hoping on 3 new costumes for Fanime, though one completely depends on finding matching fabric to fit in with a certain group. We’ll see how things go. I’ll post costume progress on my Facebook when I have it!

Posted by: Michi | November 12, 2012

Winding down 2012

So, I think I just attended my last event of the year. PMX was a welcome, relaxing diversion after a crazy month. I wore two “new” costumes: Karin, the costume I mentioned buying before, and Rin from Fate/stay night, which was really just borrowed. Like I said, crazy month, so the last thing I had time for was sewing new costumes! I also wore Hibari from Mawaru Penguindrum for the first time since Fanime, and got to run around for a bit in Asuka’s school uniform from Evangelion. Not bad for two days and last minute planning! I’ll have pictures up soon, but for now my Facebook page is the best place to get updates.

I never did attend Japan Center Anime Fair in SF, which was kind of too bad, but real life was just too busy. 🙁 I had to prepare for my 2 week Thailand trip, which was part of the reason why things have been so hectic lately.

I haven’t given up on the idea of actually making new costumes before the year ends, but the holidays tend to get pretty crazy, so I’m not going to announce anything just yet.

Next year’s very tentative schedule is up on my Events page now. I’m considering a couple more out of state cons, but things may change as I could have some work obligations that make me a bit busier than anticipated. I’m still deciding between ALA and Sac-Anime for the first con of the year. Such a bummer when cons you want to go to are on the same weekend!

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